Phantom World #11 — Little Boys

March 16th, 2016


I think he actually had negative spine this week.


Hey, it's this episode again. You know, the same one they've been making since about week three. Something totes wacky happens, that is actually some painfully awful cliche that everything from Galaxy Angel to Justice League has done. They copy one joke from it and repeat it for 17 minutes without adding the slightest shred of original thought or ambition to do anything but gaze upon what came before and blithely repeat it. Then they trip over a phantom and everything resolves itself, sometimes on its own, sometimes they need to grunt once or twice. This time, it's Penis Haver being de-aged which is totes cute and totes silly and totes sentimental, etc etc, so on and so blech. Then there's a sand critter, who I guess knocks down Tits Haver, giving Penis Haver the emotional gumption to go back to normal.

I'm pretty sure that we're supposed to feel the deep emotional bond between them from the saccharine nonsense, especially at the end, but if they want any of these overtures of how they totes bonded and have the totes deep relationship that they're pretending, then they need to put some actual meat behind it. Well, and giving them actual personalities with things like hopes, purposes, or lives are probably also requisite, but I'm obviously just coasting to the finish line here and could not care less about these schlocks because there's nothing to care about.


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    This episode introduces to us the idea that Mai works, and lives on her own because… SOMETHING happened to her parents.

    so as I’m watching the episode, I’m thinking, “great 11 episodes in and NOW they’re trying to tell me something about the characters”.

    Not like it’ll matter, just like Useless Green Hair’s “strict” parents, that even Mai forgot about.