Phantom World #10 — Half-Genie Half-Heroine

March 9th, 2016


Something something genie in a bottle something something put it back the hell in.


Genie Girl gets turned into Real Girl, montage/fashion show of her being totes wacky in different fetish outfits, minces around about having feeeeeelings for Penis Haver, doesn't get blown up. The end. I might give it some points for at least the 'climax' of the episode having a little more impact than "character shows up," but I'll also have to take away many, many more points for the rest of the episode being pure mincing and the ridiculous melodrama at the end about her 'dying' (as if this show had the balls to even bruise a character), no matter how brief. I guess the other distinguishing feature of this episode is the introduction of a new character that is somehow even harder on the eyes than most of the rest of the technicolor, hair-disaster by looking like a goddamned tie-dyed lava lamp that someone stuck a giant hat on. I'm pretty sure that's how frogs display that they're poisonous. Maybe that's trying to tell us something.

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  • algorithm says:

    Big fat cat balls.

  • anise_punter the not so low yoyo says:

    oh boy I love when unserious shows bring the crying