Luck and Logic #10 — “And Now, My Evil Plan…”

March 12th, 2016


"…Is to release more monsters!" *gasp*


Well, at least they finally revealed Lucifer's evil plan of dumping all the super monsters into the world and/or releasing all the other monsters, although that took about five or six minutes to explain with calling it a utopia about fourteen times. Unfortunately, this was an episode primarily of yammering, infodumping, and Olga just getting increasingly terrible as a character in every way, and he was far from decent to begin with. It might be one thing if I thought the show had the balls to actually kill him or something, but it's so toothless that I'm sure it'll ride Friendship Power to the bitter end.

Not that it was all bad. Lucifer is being an actual antagonist at this point, and the path forward to the end of the show is clear, something I find it hard to say about most everything else this season. Mop up all the trash in the next week or two, then go fight Lucifer with Teamwork or whatever. He also fought against Team Good Guy by actually using his powers instead of simply standing there and being immune to everything because the writers say so, as is normally tradition for Japanese media. So at the very least, it doesn't totally mystify me by what it's doing or excessively annoy me by padding things out for no conceivable reason. Faint praise, I'm aware, but at least it seems that somebody in writer's room understands the grand plotting, even if the little details, directing, and budget has never had a great idea how to put together the little stuff.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    This is what they get from it, when they mix all kind of Gods, Religon and other Faith things. The balance of Power, so Lucifer is stronger then Gods based on Greek mythology? is he even stronger then Zeus, Ares? as you see, this is what you got. Balancing problems

    But they wanted this world religion mix, now let them fix that themselves

    • Anonymous says:

      they are gods in name only. like those things in Musaigen no Phantom works on the cardgame logic like cardfight vanguard where a knight can take out the dragonic overlord

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it me or would his plan not be evil if he did not involve unwilling people and if some of the victims did not look like drug addicts(which seems to get fixed once they get a new card but still)Im sure next ep it will be revealed that he wants eat all the babies. I will also be disappointed if one of his attacks is not named Morning star