Luck and Logic #09 — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

March 5th, 2016


What a shocking result of affairs.

I love that second thumbnail above. Hee hee. Dicks.


Yet another episode that had the pieces, but not the execution. This one would've definitely been helped by also not being so bloodily predictible from start to finish. Fight the holograph version of an enemy, go "Gee, it's a good thing we have the real one in lockup because it's so much stronger," then Eternal Grumpy starts meeting with it and considering letting it out for a while because that definitely seems like it'd be a good idea. Can't imagine how the remaining 15 minutes will play out. As much as I do appreciate that they continue to zero in on characters to keep the episodes focused, Grumpy Rival has just been a one note petulant twat for basically the entire run, and this episode did nothing to change that.

There was also the incredibly subtle conversation at the end where everyone was talking about how great he was and how he'd never give in to the easy way. I guess the twist is supposed to be that supposedly he didn't… but is about to, and was having his ego stroked by the evil secretary? Oh, I guess Lucifer's also wandering around and is the secretary's real boss, but his version of antagonism is still just to stand around and smile while everyone flips about about how powerful and evil he is. We're well past the point where he should have done at least something at some point to demonstrate his evilness, at least to the audience. Manipulating the most childish whiner into… doing what the whiner wanted to do in the first place… is not exactly Satanic master plan here.

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