Dimension W #12 — “You’re Wrong and Evil”

March 27th, 2016


Oh no! My only weakness! I am undone!


I'm not sure you could've intentionally made a stupider ending than this. More flashbacks all over the place. Vapid nonsense unconnected or unrelated to anything about the future. And how is the antagonist in his giant spheroid biobot defeated? By hopping up on it and reciting exposition and some platitudes. He was beaten by telling him he was wrong. Jesus H Christ, Japan. What point did the African kid and pals have in the finale? None. What point did Loser and his Girl Wonder have? None. How much action was there this week? None. But believe in the future!


Final Thoughts:

The killer here was the godawful writing and pacing. The protagonist simply meandered from point A to point B to get sucked into one flashback after another. Characters were introduced to fanfare and then left or were killed off having contributed absolutely nothing. Nobody actually developed in any way, they simply had their pasts explained, sometimes by goddamned "flashback exposition" beams. All that could've been excused or at least coasted over if it kept up the action or the story was moving at a decent clip, but the constant flashbacks made the story only lurch in awkward bursts and the action, especially in the second half, was always only against generic large sphereoids.

It started decently, but instead of delivering on what the first couple episodes promised, quickly spun out into nonsense piled upon nonsense where the characters existed only to be mouthpieces for the exposition. Christ, the last boss was defeated by exposition. Half of it didn't even make a whit of sense either, so it can't even hide behind a totes interesting setting and backstory for the characters. No struggle, no catharsis, just exposition, exposition, and more exposition.

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  • algorithm says:

    “believe in the future!”

    We’re getting two new seasons of FLCL.

  • Neclord X says:

    There is not going to be season preview article this season? Almost all the series are over and the new season will start soon.