Dagashikashi #10 — Tooth Hurty

March 17th, 2016


Fun fact: The kanji for "canker sore" are "mouth-inside-flame."

Reminder: DST pushed the (relative) air time of Pandora tomorrow back an hour, so it'll have to wait until after work instead of getting my usual speedy coverage.


And from the temporary spasm of life last week, we come crashing back down to a bland episode of blandness, repeating one of the short bits from last week, except for 20 straight minutes instead of five. This is about as creatively bankrupt as it could have possibly gotten, on top of her disturbingly globular breasts, although that's par for the course in Japanese. Hotaru is sick. Hotaru overreacts. Hotaru makes 'silly' faces. Her face is drawn funny. Straight Man, Straight Girl, and Straight Man #2 all either show no reaction to her 'wacky' behavior, or yell that it is wacky. Candy is vaguely involved. The end. Back to filling out the season preview spreadsheet to convert straight into HTML this time around. Yay, scripting. Or maybe it's just procrastination.

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