Dagashikashi #09 — Stuff Exploding

March 10th, 2016


Yeah, yeah. Milky goo on tits. Totally salacious, Japan.


On one hand, it was probably the episode with the most life and actual humor to it since… the first. On the other, I'm mostly reminded of other shows that did similar things way better, specifically Punie, although this episode also fondly reminded me of the episode of Galaxy Angel where chikuwa was the answer to everything, but that really had nothing to do with anything here. Both do illustrate what this show could be doing, but can only rarely muster up the energy, and after the brief effor put into the first bit, it quickly died back into "pretending like we're a dull parody by just being what our supposed joke is" and finished things off by dragging itself across the finish line on the back of "milky goo splashed across the tits."

So it's hard to think of the first quarter that did show a hint of what made me endure this show is an actual move in the right direction as much as it was one of the final death rattles as it goes into rigor mortis.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Pretty sure they chose this for the episode’s story to box me into a corner – I can’t really say “Being covered in milky goo would be an improvement for Saya’s face” without coming across as totally uh… dubious (and probably well covered by the creepy denizens of comiket already)

    • jingoi says:

      then I’ll do it
      Being covered in milky goo would be an improvement for Saya’s face!