Dagashikashi #09 — Scary Stories

March 3rd, 2016


Without the scary or the story.

Softhouse Char's A-Team (presumably) announce their upcoming game, Planet Dragon, which apparently has some kind of space jellyfish as the main heroine. Nothing about this doesn't make me laugh.


This episode had even less to do with candy than the last. They told ghost stories… sort of. And one of them obligatorily overreacted to even the merest statement of a ghost story. Thus passed the first half, all production gone into awkwardly animating playing with a kendama. And you'll never get this, but Saya has a hidden talent in that too. Wow! It's only the forty-third time for that joke. I'm not even sure whether to be grateful or not that bit passed so quickly. It makes it obvious that it was just tossed in there to pad out some time, but what the hell in this show isn't? At least that part sort of had some animation, unlike the rest of the episode, most egregiously the last segment with the blister pack candy not-fortune telling. But hey, maybe the punchline was going to be maybe seeing panties, and you know how rare that is in anime.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise punter rehashing last week's jokes like all of these shows says:

    The show itself has a horror story.

    http://tenka.seiha.org/images2016/candy8/61.jpg “There was a girl with passable proportions and a really nice hairstyle on her…”


    /stock scream sound effect goes here