Charlotte #14 — Beating Up Little Girls

March 29th, 2016


Mostly, I just wanted to remind people that this amalgam of stupidity is a thing that exists.


Even if I felt like actually watching/paying attention to this, that it spent just barely shy of half a minute lingering on this shot shows that even PA Works only vomited this out due to a sense of obligation. So I'll just make a vague guess at what happened. A girl is sad. Again. So they take her to amusement park because we needed another vapid date episode, then beat up some other little girl who was mean to her until her mom ran out and chased off the high schoolers, but suffers from severe Japanese amnesia herself, so never filed charges against the random strangers intruding onto her property specifically to assault her child. Also, one of them is in the hospital but friendship is the true magic. Yeah, that sounds about right for a Charlotte episode plot. Print it and ship it.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Did not this show end?I was sure I was free