Utawarerumono 2 #20 — How to Not Animate

February 20th, 2016


Way to fail to give it the ol' college try!


So, they reached the battlefield. It's finally time for it to show that same twitch of life that it did back around the start of this season, right? Well, I hope you like speedlines. Because that's what you're getting. Speedlines, speedlines, speedlines, and more speedlines. Things started badly when the 'action' kicked off and everyone magically teleported from a doorway to the bottom of the stairs and only got worse from there. They actually showed two whole attacks in the opening barrage, and then only had it in them to animate one more for the entire rest of the episode, that's how bad the budget was this week. I can say one for sure because Kuon kicked once after I started paying attention to that. For every single other 'attack' in the entire goddamned episode, the closest they got was someone hovering in the air for a moment, usually while grunting, and then they'd jump cut, usually with a flash across the screen, to the swing already completed. And then the animators had some kind of goddamned seizure or something when Kuroh was attacking Haku in the shed at the end. Kuroh was sliding into frame like he was on ice, Haku's face turned into jell-o, and they decided to double the framerate of some ugly-ass running animation. It was like a Benny Hill skit.

As for the content, it was the typical braindead fanservice for the most part. For the first third, it was the traditional crapapalooza of Haku is terrible and berated by everyone, but is in charge for some reason. For the rest, it was the somewhat more rare wanking off to/of the first season's characters, mostly Kuroh. See how great and cool and badass Kuroh is? It must take really really cool and great characters if they can go toe to toe with him, right? Who else could have that many speedlines?

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