Phantom World #08 — Red-Assed Monkey Crap

February 24th, 2016


This season's total lack of ambition is getting to me.


I think it's safe to say that they've totally given up. Here we have our obligatory hot spring/bathing suit episode, where they literally attempt to whore out the girls to a giant monkey, but because they totally wink and nod to the audience, that makes it parody, or satire, or deconstruction, or what the hell ever. So what do you want to hear said about an episode that is nothing but prancing around in bathing suits, being licked by a giant monkey, and eventually resolved by fetishizing ass-painting in order to seduce a monkey by flashing her ass at it? Everything you need to know about the episode is right there.

Although I have to wonder why I would possibly expect anything more from this. I think it's really the characters that are killing it for me, or more specifically, the lack of them. It shares KonoSuba's ridiculously tiny cast, but at least KonoSuba's each do their one obligatory thing that sets them apart from the others. For the last month or so with this show, instead of a repetitive "Here I am. This is my one thing. Bye," it's been "Here I am. Bye." They were bland to begin with, but have only become increasingly set dressing. Hell, the teddy bear picnic episode, ostensibly with a laser focus on one character, barely actually involved her, and her big triumph was getting up the courage to poke her head out the door. Other episodes have involved the cast even less, or any one of them could've easily been swapped with any other, so it all blends into a just a blur of noise and T&A the moment it passes.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    monkey needed to lick all the girls. feMC needs to touch herself more.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    This episode would have been over in 5 minutes, if Green Hair Girl wasn’t so useless and just ate the fucking Monkey. I get she couldn’t eat the house because she was inside of it, but she had no excuse this week.

    Also, great to see MC can now just Yokai summon Tentacruel whenever he wants.

  • algorithm says:

    Does that mean we can kiss MC goodbye whith Ruru taking the lead now?