Phantom World #07 — Guest Starring Wilford Brimley

February 17th, 2016




Another episode where the protagonists' only contribution to events unfolding was showing up. Boy, can I ever get behind their ever-compelling quest to… stumble into explanations. Not that the first few episodes were great, what with their tits limboing and nonsensical "X was too weak in a fight, so we need to train Y and Z and get nowhere, but it's okay because a spontaneous brain transfer gives Y super powers later for precisely 90 seconds before it's totally forgotten again." So what's there to say about the characters or what they did? I can summarize the 'plot' of the episode. Everyone is cats, then everyone is more cats, then everyone is more cats, then they go to a cat mansion, have an LSD induced trip from probably busted gas main, one of them hugs a giant Wilford Brimley, and then they go home. The end.

Christ. Half the episode was spent on nothing more than "people acting like cats." Granted, that meant that Blando showed a bit of personality for the first time in this show to date, but since it was still the same as everyone else, he gets no points for it. The very brief surreal bit was about the only point in this episode that it felt like everyone hadn't checked out. Was someone watching old anime when catgirls were the big thing and decided to spend half the episode recycling the jokes before getting tipsy on absinthe? At the very least, make the characters actually do something… anything… to resolve whatever the crisis du jour is.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I loved that surreal part with the cat face and the creepy eyes, I wish they would have focused more on that.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Before I called this show a less interesting Yokai Watch, but at least in Yokai Watch the main character realizes that a Yokai is behind weird shit almost immediately, these idiots took until the 11 minute mark of walking past people acting like and turning into cats, and sleeping in the yard in droves, while saying to themselves “that’s odd” before realizing a phantom was behind it.

    Also, green hair continues to be useless, failing to do the one thing she has the ability to do.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Your tagline was probably the only funny thing I got out of this episode.