Pandora in the Crimson Shell #07 — Chicken Bros

February 19th, 2016


Shame about the budget.


Wow. There was something actually going on this week. For the first time in a month, we didn't have to suffer the problem of jack-all going on, which let the badly lacking budget problems take over. I'm still counting that as a win though, as it shows that at least they're trying to tell some kind of story with things going on instead of part 5 in "robot girls wander around aimlessly under spontaneously overcome by their latent lesbian tendencies." Clarion also did her part in what I can only charitably call the 'fight' by keeping her mouth shut and just occasionally growling or the like because someone accidentally brushed her secondary robot ears.

However, the total lack of a budget still is what it is, so even if it was a drastic step up over the last month or so of episodes, it still could've been a lot better. I feel like the robotnappers shouldn't have been as big a slapstick troupe as they were too considering that pretty much every humanoid robot we've seen so far has been fully sentient, and especially when you try to use the big bad's warehouse of the same things, except not dressed as sex toys, as the continued next episode preview bait. The stinger to it where Nene went skipping off with her army of brainjacked fetish live dolls with a chastisement to stop being mean to Clarion was also a terrible way to end things. They had an opportunity there to do at least something with all that, and chose obliviousness and tunnelvision for a very, very weak attempt to go out with a laugh.

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  • don says:

    I was expecting that cop to come and help them out but he never showed up.