Pandora in the Crimson Shell #06 — …And Now, Some Random Little Girl

February 12th, 2016


Who could have possibly wanted this episode?


I could summarize this as "After a horrifying encounter with a clown, a little girl teams up with a mutant robot lion in search of pussy", but that wouldn't underscore how bloody tedious this episode was. 75% of the episode is just spent watching Random Little Girl wander around aimlessly, devoid of even any attempts at humor, character, or point. Once again, the protagonists don't really do anything but happen to be in the vague vicinity, faffing around, particularly faffy today, yada yada, a couple fingers up the robot vagina and random costume change, and everyone's happy again. Then we spend the obligatory 15 seconds at the very end pretending like we might someday return to the times when there was at least a vague hint of a story to this. The little side adventure with the lion didn't even have any point for him either. It would have been incredibly stupid to have some kind of mini/side story of him befriending the girl or whatever, but there wasn't even that.

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