Luck and Logic #08 — Cube Mugs

February 27th, 2016


"Should we draw a normal mug?" "Nah, the future is cubes!"


Another episode that had most the pieces (albeit still more exposition than needed), but the actual execution just wasn't there, especially in the first half. Getting there was kind of a trial though. I'd like to call special attention to the utter nonsense that was Snake Girl and Snake… uh… Snake playing traveling games, among other assorted nonsense antics that stuck out in the episode like a sore thumb. Who could have possibly thought that any of that was a good idea? Also, to the continued complete lack of any fashion sense by Big Boss and her sidekick. Also, also, those cube mugs. Who the living hell thought those were a good idea?

It did come together reasonable well enough towards the end of the episode though, or at least better than most episodes of most shows this season have, and I feel like it deserves special mention for the resolution not being from believing in yourself. Even the ever-unsettling CGI worked in its favor (likely unintentionally) to make an unsettling chimera overtrance monster thingie, although that's in large part because they didn't need to draw any backgrounds with it, just pelt it with CGI bombs. The whole thing in general just confirmed to me that it'd almost certainly be quite well served if it took a turn for the more serious, but that's definitely not going to happen while they're doing comic routines to blatantly pad out the time.

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  • Paulo27 says:

    I thought it was spheres tho?