Luck and Logic #06 — Is That Stew!?

February 13th, 2016


I love stew!


Oh, I thought we'd be moving on to the goddesses now that the humans have all had an episode focused-but-not-really on them, but I had forgotten about the total muggle cheerleader who spends all her time sitting at home, doing the laundry. Clearly, this is a very important character to the show that needs an entire episode focused on her and her quest to be relevant. And by relevant, I mean she wandered into the prison with soup and got chatted at by a snake for nigh on a third of the episode. Then, thanks to having had a dream the other day where she wandered into the middle of a soccer game, she realized she could kick a rock to blow up a bomb slightly further away (which is how magic bombs work), and it turns out friendship was the true magic after all because she digivolved to the next level.

Even for this show, that was weak, nonsensical, and clearly made with budget conservation in mind. But I guess now we move on to the goddesses, unless they're going to do a bit on their boss too, or the joke of the other male character.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    And here I was thinking the transformation would look cool until that ugly green disguise with wings appeared, she can now do laundry with it, this show has been in downhill since episode 1.

  • Germanguy says:

    So this Girl found an ancient Maya/Inca God to fuse with her. The Legendary Heaven Snake God (Well the Flying Suit)

  • Anonymous says:

    is this show lazy?I mean its clear they are going by the “ep for each girl” format but can’t they at least do sound direction right?when rubble fell on MC shield it made coin sounds ( at 17:50 mark,+ – few seconds)

  • DoucheBoss says:

    The anime is just to advertise bushiroad’s new card game, so zero effort into making something actually good.