Luck and Logic #05 — Terror of the Immobile Snake

February 6th, 2016


Humans done. Time to move on to goddess angst.


Is that really the first time he went all Steve Rogers with the spiked shield? Probably not, because I forget this show about 10 minutes after watching it, but it seems like a landmark use of it when he's spent most of the time standing there with his power being particularly impenetrable. I guess after the last few episodes were particularly dismal and nonsensical affairs, this one stands out by merely being kind of generally sensical without tossing out anything particularly insane or making declarations that something was X's fault because they did totally unrelated Y five hours prior on the other side of town.

It still wasn't exactly subtle though. Kick it off with the info dump about the angst, explain how doing a certain thing could mean losing all the feelings and bad memories that torment you so you should never do it, that same person happens to be the only one who can fight the monster of the week, yada yada. Not that it naturally flows either as all of this is explained every step of the way, before they even do it. It's somehow even worse than explaining after since it foregoes anybody actually doing anything and cuts right from explanation to explanation. That also makes this the least action-driven (even with the crappy action) episode of the show so far. Hell, the monster of the week is a giant snake who is being a huge threat to everyone via sitting there.  

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