God’s Blessings #05 — Stagnation

February 10th, 2016


It took a little longer than Dagashikashi, but I think we've exhausted our jokes here too.


This episode… sure had that one joke. Done over and over and over again. You see, Aqua is a goddess, but she acts and is treated badly. You probably recognize this 'joke' from the first episode. And the second. And the third. And the fourth. But hell, why not have an entire episode centered around it? Your comedies are chafing my cucumber even more than usual. The episode did have a sort of uptick towards the end when Whose His Face actually showed up the obnoxious new guy whose only joke was to repeat Aqua's joke, but he probably lost all his points for going all rapey and stupid immediately afterward. The former is bad enough, but the second is worse. And they still don't add up to an actual joke put together, let alone one they haven't already told.

Next Episode:

I miss Slayers.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I love how the two main girls, who are not Aqua, were demoted to Held Cells for the entirety of the episode, and the show always skimping out on showing us any action, instead making the new badass dragon fighting character into some weird punk, obsessed with Aqua.