Four Rhythms #07 — Mopey Bus Stop Buddies

February 22nd, 2016


Why were we seeing that? Why were we seeing any of this?


I don't know why most of this episode exists. At least it was something a little bit different from the last few in some ways. We didn't get the fourth or fifth repeat of the main heroines doing the one thing in Sky Calvinball that they do. Once again though, they didn't really replace it with anything else. We instead got Rape Stare losing to Random Girl while Random Girl's Handler watched the whole thing with either rape in her eyes, or merely stoned off her ass. Then there were the usual shenanigans. Then the losers commiserated over losing, because apparently they they cared despite not actually putting in much effort, losing is a totally new thing to these ubermensch, and lord knows school sports are the most important thing ever. Luckily, the drama rain kicked in too. No attempt was made to show this going anywhere or leading up to anything. Just moping for moping sake. Because they have so many high school feelings that they keep bottled in or whatever.

After an entire abysmal month from this show and still no signals that any of it is building towards anything or going anywhere, and good christ, I am not counting that ending as either because no, Japan, school clubs aren't the be all end all to every goddamned thing, I'm really feeling like I should throw in the towel on this and maybe go crawling back to Material Brave or something, although I've felt the same way about Dagashikashi for marginally longer. Maybe next season, instead of hoping for something to improve on whatever things they do right in their first episode(s), I'll just go with whatever evokes the biggest reaction out of me, good or bad.

Next Episode:

…Are you even trying?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    They’re spending less and less effort on the characters’ faces every week. Well, they’re spending less and less effort on everything but that’s the most noticeable part. Maybe they should air the last five episodes right after Dagashi so it’s not as off-putting by comparison (poor Saya)

  • arknoir says:

    I hope people given ‘coachie’ a bye in this anime. He doesn’t know he has a harem or is in a harem anime. All he thinks is he has to coach and pretend to take that teacher with the bad new romantic style seriously.