Dimension W #08 — Department of Redundancy Department

February 28th, 2016


They're going to pad the hell out of this arc so it covers the entire rest of the season, aren't they?


The biggest abuse was probably the extended bit at the start repeating everything before driving off, and then the next time we see them, they're playing rocks… to repeat how the completely obliterated island is ruined, I guess? Or maybe the flashback repeating that the manifest destiny prince is arrogant, and the basically brainwashed kid is fanatically loyal. Thanks. I don't think I had gotten that from the last two episodes where that was their entire characters and all they did. Anyway, the first half just highlighted how pointless introducing all the mooks from last week was by putting half into a coma and part of the other half started killing (well, jabbing drugs into) the rest.

The second half was a bit stronger, although the actual plot went to full stop. That could've been fine with some overdue visual flair fighting the robomook, but the padding was still in full force. Not a single thing, no matter how obvious or trivial, could pass without a pause to announce what just happened. Hits robot with a shovel. "You were fighting with a shovel. Fighting with a shovel is unusual." Crap bounces off a shield. "It has a shield!" Throws wires. "He's using wires!" Along with requisite announcements of how cool he was being. Tripping a robot with wires. Empire Strikes Back would probably blow their minds. But wait, he's struggling with the darkness within him. Seriously. He just all of a sudden stops at the end to add an extra 30 seconds or so to the episode to go "God. I have so much angst."

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  • algorithm says:

    ” They’re going to pad the hell out of this arc so it covers the entire rest of the season, aren’t they?”

    Considering this arc lasts around 5 volumes or so it should end up as a pretty blatant mess.