Dimension W #06 — Coming to Japan

February 14th, 2016


Needed more rhinocerus pizzle.

I glanced through Grimgar. It was an entire episode of bagging on the new girl and goblin montages, revealing at the end, as the budget once again collapsed to nothing, that she too has a past of pure angst as she sits angstily by herself, angstily staring at a wall, thinking angsty thoughts about how she failed her angsty friends until her new angsty friends teach her the power of friendship. I'm out.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Look at that crazy foreigner. He thinks all Japanese people are samurais. What a silly racist. Pay no attention to how we believe all Africans dress in full tribal garb all the time. While my first instinct is to roll my eyes at the irony of the casual racism, that runs into the danger of ignoring how much of a mess the writing once again was this week. Top on the list of problems is that the protagonists were almost completely extraneous to anything and everything going on, and simply happened to be in the general area as we spent close to 15 minutes watching a little boy scamper around.

That it was another blatant setup episode that covered maybe 3 utterly basic points that could've been done in about 30 seconds that somehow got stretched out to 22 minutes would be the other major black mark, especially towards the end of the episode when the protagonists were completely jettisoned and it made the shocking reveals that the new characters it spent the entire episode on introducing but doing nothing were here… looking for something! Gasp! That is a shocking reveal that definitely required 20 minutes before we got to it. And then, a random dinner where it was revealed that… there's going to be a competition… on an island! Eventually! Christ, guys. There are dozens of shows where that's the entire premise that spent less time setting up this nonsense.  


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  • The Phantom says:

    In the news they were mentioning something like raise the limit of robotification or whatever they were calling it to more than 60%, meaning this will go ghost in the shell route with more enemies showing up as super cyborgs?