Sacred Sword Mountain #01 — Contains None of Any of Those

January 8th, 2016


Maybe the poor animation is the joke.


One of the few notable things about this opening episode is that the sidekick is a guy, but they're drawn as a girl. That's… more or less it. The humor is almost entirely of the "not actually telling a joke but we put speedlines and shouted it so maybe that'll shock someone into laughing nervously" variety. Even that's not even all that common through the episode though. I'd be hardpressed to say what was even really going on. Special attention should probably also go to the lack of a budget, which was even more embarrassing during the few times they actually tried to animate something. That running sequence as the bridge disappeared at the end was about a hundred frames short of merely being bad.

The protagonist mostly exists to show off how much better he is than everyone else, mostly through explaining things that one would think are painfully obvious, like how the gigantic magical golden bridge is made of gold. That also seems to be his grand quest. Meanwhile, everyone else exists to either bask in his greatness or to be an idiotic rube. It's not so much a comedic adventure as it is the travels of a smarmy know-it-all and some random guys flying around on swords in the distance.

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  • Paulo27 says:

    DEEN and a Chinese webnovel is a match made in hell, where it should stay, to torture the souls of those who fall there.