Pandora #04 — Oh No. Not a Pot of Soup

January 29th, 2016


I really hope she washed her hands before touching the food.


An episode of pure shenanigans, and I fear that this is how the show means to continue from here out. Again, as I said last week, the humor, or more like moment to moment weirdness, really isn't enough to carry this show or the characters on that alone. The only thing even vaguely approaching a conflict this week was some random guys ruining a festival because they're dicks. The protagonists faced this by standing there and being mechs until the mob turned on them, whereupon they used their fingerbanging power to turn into the bestest line cooks ever, then went back home and made sure that the status quo was as status quoed as possible.

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  • Germanguy says:

    as you can see, this anime is fighting against the big bad Budget Monster. As you can see, many hidden moves to hide animation….