Luck and Logic #04 — The Ol’ Cyclops vs Wolverine

January 30th, 2016


How do you flub that up?


Another episode where some of the pieces were sort of there, but the execution was not… and they probably didn't have all the pieces. On paper, the concept of the bitchy by the books character and the independent go-getter is certainly one that's tried and true, or maybe done to death is the right word. Except that once again, they kind of missed the key point on one side or another where one side did something that screwed anything up. They tried to pin the protagonist getting a boo boo on her, but it's completely unclear what she would have done to prevent him from getting bubble-trucked as soon as they showed up. They just jumped from "You didn't do something I told you to, therefore everything that happens is your fault." They just kind of spontaneously got over it as well. They were arguing right up until some particularly nonsensical explanation about how the monster of the week only gets stronger when you kill its… thingies… and then it was all triumphant music and flashback. This is also bypassing that this new hates teamwork schtick is pulled straight out of someone's ass and was no part of anything for the last three weeks.

If this could actually get its writing the hell together, things would be faring a lot better for it. The action's still far from impressive, and bizarrely, showed that it can do not-ugly CG with the brief opening eye-spider bit, but it's staying focused on it and letting the situations drive and (try and fail to) develop what's going on with the characters instead of having everybody sit around on their asses while things are explained to them for an hour or take baths and look at porn.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah, the show is always almost there but misses the mark.If this was mahouka or aldnoah zero MC would just fix everything so I guess that aspect of this show is bit better. what I did see was that blonde one saved bunch of school kids they would not have gotten to on time,if she had done as MC wanted.

  • Longing says:

    Well that climax was… boring. The protagonist sat there and blocked stuff for 5 minutes, ponytail got some minor backstory and didn’t learn any actual teamwork, and healing girl kind of just whined the entire episode.