Dagashikashi #01 — Candy Girl

January 7th, 2016


What is it with this season and eyes?


Sigh… Japan, shouting is not a joke. Shouting and blasting music at full volume is… well, consistent, but it's still not a joke. Thankfully, it seemed to get the worst of the shouting out of its system relatively quickly, but those first few minutes where it was the only 'joke' were no less unpleasant for it. It had opportunities for some actual parody too. It seemed to understand that pulling a TV out of one's ass is absurd, but then it just went and played a completely normal commercial. To its credit, at least the humor didn't revolve entirely around having cliches and then pointing out that it knew that the cliches were cliche. It was content to usually tell the joke and move on. Hell, it was perhaps, and especially weirdly, the show that covered the most ground with its actual story, having set up the main pair and the show's premise/direction going forward within the first half, without any internal monologues or extended expositional segments.

Still though, it's another comedy that seems to be made by people who have only heard tales of what jokes or comedic timing are from the tales of travelers coming from distant lands and I only maybe considered cracking a chuckle once or twice. While not entirely, mostly, it's overreacting. Sometimes, to show that an overreaction is super overreacting, they get sucked into a dimension where they sort of vaguely reference other things in general. It's relatively rare though, so I'm hard pressed to call it a stylistic thing. I'd say that the bigger problem is that doesn't keep the jokes coming at a decent pace and the dialogue is the antithesis of wit. The second half was also much weaker than the first, especially the start. It was devoid of really anything as compared to the first half's deafening shouting, but it seemed designed solely to introduce the obligatory jealous side heroine and sidekick rather than actually do anything with either of them.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    image 65 and 73


  • dark says:

    a almost blonde girl with small male eyes? how it is allowed

  • The Phantom says:

    It was silly but the dad and rinnegan girl made me laugh several times, male lead and the blondies were weak, so depending on who are focus this may be a decent pick.