Active Raid #01 — Fastball Special

January 7th, 2016


That was the only offensive move taken by the protagonists in the first 20 minutes.


You know, if I was making a show about robocops fighting robocrime, I wouldn't hold off the roboaction until 15 minutes into the episode. I think all the big band music was supposed to convince me that something was going on during the those first two thirds of the episode. That would be a lie. It didn't even stay focused on the robocops and robbers once it started. After all, we already got our manservice transformation sequence. We need to show the bridge bunnies trying their very bestest, sitting at consoles, announcing things too. The important part is that more effort went into the no-doubt-to-be-repeated-every-week Iron Man transformation sequences than the 'action,' which within the first 20 minutes consisted of one of them throwing the other at a biplane.

So no, it wasn't a thrilling start, and even when it did actually get going 20 minutes in, to use that term very loosely, it still wasn't particularly impressive; mostly blocky CGI being blocky and clunky. Like Norn, at least it didn't begin with a barrage of exposition into more exposition, and did a little bit better of a job setting down who the characters are and the direction going forward with the put-upon newbie to the team instead of just spitting out "here's a setting and some generic characters," but again, mostly through really loud, really strange music and the thrill of talking heads talking up a talking storm.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Goddamn it, something tells me this is gonna have the “Transformers” effect on me – come for the giant robot smackdown, stay for the awkward and shitty story telling and dialogue. But hey, at least there’s moe girls and tits.

  • Jroa999 says:

    Not the most exciting episode of the season, and to some extent I guess the experience was meant to be hectic since we had a newbie entering the picture and not nothing what to do, but I did find a couple of the action bits to be pretty good.

    Just short and needing more time, which hopefully will happen later. The talking made me chuckle slightly on occasion.

    I suppose the characters are okay as standard heroic police / office worker archetypes, but they will need to get more opportunities to do stuff in the future.

  • The Phantom says:

    I hated everything about this show, from the male fanservice to the f. Annoying female lead, to the obnoxious support characters and retarded plot, nothing in this show is worth a damn.