Material Brave #12 — Polluting the Space-Time Continuum

December 7th, 2015


I still have absolutely no idea why she was naked.


Vapid end to vapid filler chapter with a mountain of T&A, although the weirdest thing is probably still their street clothes. Kanae, Erika, and Ena could pass in polite company, although Ena's flashing a lot of bra, but the rest are a complete fashion disaster. One day, Japan is going to understand how cloth and breasts function. About a decade after that, they'll figure out how the two function together. As for Mashiro and Tsubomi, I think the less said about a shirt made of ruffles, and a half-bear suit on top of what's already a bathing suit… plus goggles… probably the better. Perhaps it's a symptom of how all teenagers in Japanese media have dead parents, or maybe why school uniforms are a way of life. If they have to dress themselves, this is what they end up with.

Busty Pink leads the way down a narrow path to the beach. We finally reach the world's most lazily drawn beach, but apparently it's really pretty? Whatever. Busty Pink insists that she's still a young woman herself. We find the rest of the peanut gallery and rendezvous with them. They're all dressed ridiculously, especially for the beach.

When the topic of getting changed into their bathing suits come up, we offer to wander off. The harem has various thoughts on it. Hikaru says we should just stare at her. Ena's forgot her bathing suit. We think about a replacement, but the size is the issue. We eye all their chests. For some inexplicable reason, we group Blondie's double Ds with Tsubomi's B cup. We decide Tsubomi's the closest, but Ena's still worried. Pink comes up with the idea of just having her try on a bunch of bathing suits and figure out for herself instead of all this speculation. I'm not even sure why they'd bring multiple, but Erika brags about how many she has. She and Tsubomi drag Ena off. The rest of the harem follows along to change. We decide to stay put and not tempt fate.

As we're waiting and bored, we hear a telepathic scream from Ena, and a more normal scream from Pink. This is an actual goddamned choice, and we're going to hit all of them. For the garbage timeline, we go check out Hot Pink. She's half-naked. As we stare, we're immediately ambushed by Hikaru and Kanae, who knew we were coming. Apparently Pink was startled by a spurting sea cucumber. They tell us to go, but we complain that's hard without being able to see, so Mashiro takes the sack or whatever off our head. We get another eyeful. Kanae Team Rockets us away. Back in the real timeline, we rush to Ena's aid and instead get an eyeful of the B squad. They didn't hear the telepathic scream and are surprised/angered by our peeping.


Ena tackles us, also naked. Apparently she yelled because the bathing suit didn't fit and it tore. Her stranglehold on us last until it knocks us unconscious. Back in the reunited timeline, we're waiting with Ena on the beach. The harem eventually starts coming back, starting with the breasty pair. We stare. They try to rub their tits on us and fight over it. Erika and Tsubomi come back, and the latter takes the opening to rub herself on us. Mashiro also angles to be graded like meat.

Erika gets fed up with all the attention she's not getting and demands to be told she's pretty too. When we decide to actually enjoy the beach, Hikaru demands a hug or she can't calm down. She reminds us that she belongs to us. Work that self-esteem, girl. The harem isn't amused. Hot Pink reminds us she's there and chaperone, and yet, is still in her previous clothes, so… why was she getting changed in the dead timeline again? And yes, I did check to make sure that holds over. She tells us we need to stay in pairs just in case of random NPs.


Apparently Ena doesn't count, so we have a choice of which of the 5 haremettes to go with. I'm pretty sure this affects absolutely nothing at all, so let's just go from the bottom of the list up to end with the character on the cover of the game. In garbage timeline #2, we chill with Mashiro. She wants us to teach her how to swim. So, uh, we take her out to shallow water and try to teach her how to swim. We're terrible at it and she nearly drowns. She declares that's enough and just freezes the water. REWIND. For the next garbage timeline, we chill with Erika. She complains that we're not ogling her enough. We say we've gotten used to it, so she says we should have no problem oiling her up with sun tan lotion, and insists we leave no bikini lines, so the top has to come off. Minx. She gasps and moans the whole time. REWIND! Tsubomi next. She clings to us again, then says we should play with the toys she brought that she invented. We're uneasy about them exploding. She's not amused and says that they're supposed to. Like her beach ball that explodes when someone drops it. She says we should like that since our power is explosions. We counter that her power is electricity, so does she like that?


She does. It makes her tingle. She looks for another toy, but only has exploding things. Onward to the tits timeline. Hikaru's surprised. She expected us to hang out with someone else and already had plans to go for a very, very long swim for exercise. She suggests two-person volleyball, showing a flagrant disregard for the rules of volleyball. We play, get close-ups of her breasts, along with boinging noises, and narrate how they're flopping all over, but in a sexy way, apparently. FINAL TIMELINE. Kanae thinks we're following her to do things to her. Somehow it turns to chasing each other through the waves, complete with pointing out that it's a bad cliche, and yet, we decide to do it anyway. I have no idea how her bikini holds those breasts in. Probably the gravity powers. Also, she uses them to cheat at splashing.


Evening comes and it's time to go. We thank them all for coming out with us and helping us feel better. Back at school, Unison and Ena are called to the principal's office. Sketchy Principal hopes we're enjoying summer vacation, etc. We insist he tell us why he called us, but in about a dozen more lines than that. He says that they're short of people because of the Evol stuff, so they're restructuring. He's appointing Unison and Ena to be the new student council. Ena's unsure if it's okay for her to join us, but SHOCKINGLY, the whole harem's fine with it. We're unanimously elected as the new school president by the harem. We think about what Tsukasa said about entrusting the future of the Unleashed to us and accept.


Elsewhere, Noah soldiers (am I supposed to remember what that is?) are after Wolfram. He ambushes them, and is pissed about Evol and his king's defeat. He declares he'll kill everyone on the island. The Noah soldiers try to shoot him to take him in, but it doesn't work. He says he'll kill anybody who gets in his way, takes them out, and declares himself the warrior of revenge who's going to destroy the Unleashed Nursery, and kill Ayumu for causing his king's downfall. At this point, Giga screwed up scripting for the text and forgot to include an @k tag (assuming it's the same format as Duel Savior, auto-advance regardless of auto settings), so it faded out, dumped a laugh line to the backlog, and then just sat there.

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  • jingoi says:
    looks like someone wants her dead.

    • Aroduc says:

      Fraps and MB don’t seem to work together very well, although the mouse situation usually isn’t as bad as it was this week.