Anti-Magic Academy #11 — Crazy Yelling

December 16th, 2015


If I yell and make silly faces, that makes me a great antagonist!


I'm not really sure what they were thinking with this episode between all the focus on characters completely new to this arc and then going into yet another dumb flashback. The protagonists got shuffled off only to immediately wander right back in about a 5 minute span that seemed to exist for no reason other than to serve the flashback and give an excuse to give a FRIENDSHIP IS POWER speech, before said friends basically bowed right out of the episode again. They existed almost solely to listen to that speech. 

Also not helping was the antagonist situation, which continues to be dire all around (for everything this season). Any menace Kyouya Scar might have had was ruined by the fact that he wears cat ears. Oh, and also that Whose-His-Face never really struggles against him at all, even before they all team up to take him down effortlessly. They seem to be riding almost entirely on how crazy they can make him and his magical girl yell. All that leading up to the grand 'surprise' return of the guy they've beaten in nearly every other arc to date, because there's nothing like a midboss to pretend to be the final boss. I honestly couldn't even tell you without going back and checking if most of the protagonists should even recognize him. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    and again, an entire Person to build someone up, then this priest just appear out of no where and kill this person. this happen lately to much

    The Red Shirts are to silly…

  • ark noir says:

    The priest is awesome and totally nonsenical. He is the anime.

  • The Phantom says:

    He keeps calling the other relic Yoshimitzu, which AFAIR exploded the other episode, so is safe to assume the relic assumed the shape of her, which in turns leaves us wondering about Lapis, did not they mentioned something about an ancestor/older sister using lapis before?