Material Brave #10 — Friendship POOOOWWWEEERRR!

November 16th, 2015


Morons unite!


And the Evol arc/first half of the game ends with a sad little fart. In retrospect, I really should've pushed onward and finished the chapter off last week. Oh well. I expect a bit more from the big bad midboss than getting an aura and a slight bump in stats. Didn't even get spikey gold hair. What the hell kind of Super Unleashed is that? At least Downy pulled out a sword and his AI went nutso when he unleashed his ultimate true form. Oh, right, spoiler for Duel Savior, I guess. Although they practically scream it a route or two before it's even revealed. Giga kind of has problems with not quite understanding the difference between foreshadowing and outright announcing future reveals. Or maybe it's just a Team Baldrhead thing since Baldr Force did that a bit too.

Our Story Thus Far:

We pick things up with Blondie's group having apparently escaped and leading the frosh in fighting back. Elsewhere, we've escape our hole and see this as a chance to catch them in a pincer attack and turn the tide. Then we flash back to the mine for some reason where Tsubomi tells us that special Evol machine creates some kind of special energy that's enormously powerful out of Enigmatite. Or maybe amplifies Enigmatite, I forget. ANYWAY, returning to the present, Blondie and Red are surrounded, but we show up to murder some more Evol grunts.


After saving her, Kanae practically cries upon seeing we're okay. Not entirely sure why. Hikaru and Mashio are off recapturing the school itself. They also tell us that Ena's not part of things and has been tossed in the brig. We rendezvous with the others. Mashiro pats us again. The student council/heads of Evol have vanished somewhere. We don't have time, so they drag Ena out to grill her for information. She thinks that they're probably at the dormant volcano. We give a dumb speech about protecting the island and everyone, needing everybody's help, etc etc. On our way there, we overhear fighting all over the island. Time for the giant goddamned dungeon. I put everyone in their silly clothes because they all try my patience. I am not kidding about the size of this dungeon either. It's ridiculous. And the base Evol grunts are weak enough at this point that they just run away instead of trying to fight. I murder them all anyway. Also, to make this even more annoying, we hear everyone else fighting and yammering the entire time. Evol's also got us as marked men. I take Erika as my partner since her Libidometer is empty. Hikaru's the only other one with an active one, and it's half full.

We eventually come across an Evol ambush and they sic an NP deer on us. It dies in literally a single combo. I may have put too many points in attack at this point. Also, this is the part of the dungeon that changes from Evol grunts to various NPs. Well, there are still Evol grunts, but higher level ones that don't try to run and hide.


We finally fight Chaos and Law. They give the usual spiel about how they're restoring the world to how it's supposed to be. We declare we'll be going through them, but they say that they're not who we'll be fighting. Wolfram steps up instead. They leave, Law saying goodbye to us as she goes. I sub in Hikaru and she proceeds to be totally useless. Wolfram's AI also got a lobotomy or something and he goes down very, very pathetically. We leave him behind and chase after Law and Chaos. Yada yada, too late to stop their plans, have to beat them to have an audience with the king… so we do.


Not a whole lot to say about these fights. Not really sure what happened to the AI at this point as it's seemed to gone senile. I did remember to fill in my Engage Board after not touching it for a while between the last chapter and here, as well as actually equipped decent items instead of the first four or five things I had found, so both of those things probably had a bit of an effect, but I can't believe that they would have THIS much of an effect on the AI. I may have to bump it up to Hard if this continues into next chapter now that I'm actually, you know, improving my stats instead of ignoring that.


We finally reach Tsukasa/Kaiser. He congratulates us on being strong enough to make it this far, so we say it was because of our now-disappeared friends for about the fiftieth time this chapter. We don't want to fight, but he says people clinging to the old order need to die and whatnot. All glory to mutants. Or Unleashed. Whatever. We'll defeat him for… FRIENDSHIP POWER. Ugh.


We declare we've won, but he gets up and unleashes some kind of wave that upsets our harem. We collapse too. He gives us a speech about how we, the current Unleashed, are just the first step in the SUPER ULTIMATE EVOLUTION of the chosen ones. He DBZes it up, declares that the conditions for his ascension are now ready and he'll become the TRUE King. This… gives him an aura. *GASP* He declares himself a TRUE Unleashed, and that he's now omnipotent and nobody in the world can stop him. He gets stomped like roadkill. We deliver the coup de grace on a defenseless opponent, because apparently we're that kind of hero. .

He went down like a bitch in both forms. His fireballs that last dungeon guard broke in one hit don't even plink me. Granted, I fixed some equipment and added some points to defense between now and then, but this is sad. I check the difficulty to make sure I didn't accidentally bump it down to Very Easy. Nope. This is why I haven't been putting any points into defense. Or maybe it was that bomb I had equipped up to this point. Who could possibly know!?

As he 'dies', he entrusts the future of Unleashed to us before flickering away. We declare it's all over and apparently the remnants of Evol are all surrendering. The principal finally returns around this time. Yada yada, protected our IRREPLACEABLE HOME and IRREPLACEABLE FRIENDS, and look at that body count. And how I win a goddamned piece of fruit for it. Fruit that gives me marginally more HP. Great. Next week, BEACH EPISODE! Fantastic.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Thea says:

    Awww, no more Evol and their funny, over-the-top outfits? Those outfits were, like, the only good thing about the game… okay, decent things. Welp, at least the rest is bad enough for you to make it enjoyable, so thanks again!

    • Aroduc says:

      But we haven’t solved the mystery of Wolfram yet!

      Or banged the two lesbians!

      Although I don’t think that happens until Ignition.

      • Thea says:

        There was anything of import about Wolfram!?!

        But you’re right, how could I forget the lesbians. The green one, anyway, Orange can stay away~~ NO FRIENDSHIP FOR YOU, NUISANCE!

        • Aroduc says:

          Well, at the moment, he’s literally just SOME GUY hanging around with Evol.

          Although I honestly don’t actually have any idea if he still hangs around or shows up ever again or anything like htat. Most of what I know about the rest of events centers around Ena, Sidekick, and (I assume) that one random professor lady we saw for about 15 seconds three or four chapters ago.

        • Thea says:

          Well, they should at least resolve that thing about Wolfram offing Titts’ master, unless that’s already happened. It’s probably stupid anyway, but what isn’t?

          Other than that, I remember almost nothing about the rest of the game. I can only draw some conclusions based on who’s what in Ignition. Like that professor lady. Or Ena. And hey, Sidekick, too, but he’s~~