Material Brave #09 — Heavy Petting

November 10th, 2015


Enough with the goddamned petting.


Cut things a little short again. I actually got a little further, all the way into the chapter plot dungeon thing, but about 15 minutes into that, realized that I still had about 5 bosses to go, all that video, etc etc, and I just didn't have it in me for the night. Next week may be a bit video heavy, even if I skip recording the ridiculously gigantic dungeon area full of Evol characters so low level at this point that they run away instead of trying to fight. It also showcases the problem with the setup here as compared to Duel Savior. DS's big battles could take upward of 10 minutes, but they were a constant melee that escalated from swarms of weak grunts up to the miniboss types in a constant escalation. Here, it's a constant start and stop, fighting one or two grunt at a time, about 20-30 times in a row. From what I remember, Ignition does change things to be a little more mass-melee-y, but at its core, it still loves that little one on one thing, which unfortunately alters the fun chaotic fracases into rote repetition. But that's all next week, so…

As for this, a segment of reveals, pretty much all of them hinging on the hope that nobody really thought too deeply about anything. Not entirely certain how telepathy is a useless ability in combat though. Then again, I guess they're supposed to mostly be fighting random animals, but what's actually been going on is them tripping over Team Rocket here about every five minutes and lamenting how they had no idea what they were doing. You'd still think that she'd be Resource Numero Uno to be tapped to try to get information out of Evol since they've spent the entire game lamenting that they have no idea what Evol was doing. Maybe her telepathy is the really pathetic kind, like brain talking only. Or maybe the school has a bizarrely strict confidential policy on what the powers are, but it's not like Chaos or Law have been shy about using their very distinctive poison/light powers. Have they kept them a secret from everyone their entire time? Because I'm pretty sure that "big tits", "green hair", and "poison powers" would be enough to narrow the suspect pool down to no more than two or three. Of course, considering Evol has literally an army, capable of conquering an entire island of monsters and super powered teenagers in an hour or two, and has committed numerous major terrorists attacks while the response has been "we need to keep waiting and seeing what they want," if you start picking at holes, it'll never end.

Day 2 of sidequesting: Random battle quest for some suspicious incoming ship, except we run into Chaos. It was an Evol plot. They left a bomb on it and the whole thing was a diversion. She goes down in one combo, but unleashes a cloud of poison and runs off. It was all about some random thing with a weird name. Keep in mind that this is some random, completely optional sidequest. Next day, Ena's spacing out in the middle of the hall. She was worried about one of her friends who was running some errand for the student council. Subtle.

We hang out with Mashiro (Like lv2). She's napping on her feet again. We're worried and tell her to get some sleep. She pats us on the head. Again. Then we go get something to eat. Next day, we hang out with Erika. (Like lv3) She's buying croquettes for midnight snacks. We actually call her fat for doing it too. She weighs like, 60 pounds, dude. Hang out with Mashiro again (Like lv2.5), no special scene. Next day, Blondie tells us to rely on our teammates and not try to do things by ourself. Not sure why. Hikaru's the only one who wants to hang out, but she's already at Like lv4, so we explore some dungeon and murder wildlife instead. I don't QUITE get Mashiro to max libido, but she's really close. Next day, hang out Mashiro again (Like Lv3). We tell her to come to us if she needs help, so she pats us on the head. AGAIN. And says she'll take care of us instead.


Next day, hang out with Tsubomi (Like Lv3). She's trying to make 'American' x-ray glasses for seeing through clothes. Next day, Erika has some pointers about us being reckless in combat and that we should try to avoid getting hurt. Only Hikaru wants to hang out again, so we instead go kill more animals and max out Mashiro's Libidometer. We also find a new kind of NP, a teleporting panther thingy that's nearly invisible on the map. Second to last day, Mashiro's turned into a raddish, so we deal with that.

She corners us in the classroom, starts stripping, and tells us to 'calm down her body.' She needs to talk us into it for some reason. I skip the rest of the fondling session. It ends with damp underwear at any rate. She thanks us post-orgasm and wanders off. How is she the most pragmatic when dealing with all this? Well, I guess Tsubomi went straight for a vibrator. Final sidequest day finally and also the day of the big operation or whatever. Erika and Hikaru are waiting in ambush to drag us to class with them. Hikaru assures us she's changed and won't go nuts like before. Erika and I chat the usual nonsense. Working together. Being experienced. Etc. Mashiro sends a message that she hasn't figured anything out from that what's-it she was checking out. Outside, the harem squabbles about being unladylike and yawning. Mashiro pats us. Again. Blondie runs off with a yell of "Last one buys drinks." We try to distract Erika with a claim of UFOs. It doesn't work.

In class, Big Boobs says that Evol's up to something special, so everyone's on high alert. Aside from us freshmen and the teachers at any rate. Afterwards, we corner her to ask about the outcome of the other day. She tells us not to worry about it, and as long as we stick to the unrestricted areas, we can do whatever we want. Kanae butts in to explain how awesome we are. Hikaru and Kanae both want to get up to some spy business to figure out what's going on.  We go murder some more wildlife, including a ton of lightning birds. Hikaru's Libidometer is about halfway full. Afterwards, we're worried about Tsubomi. Mashiro pats us. Again.

Come night and nobody's heard anything. Tsubomi finally calls, but there's the sound of fighting in the background. She was found by Evol and is running away now. She's in the tunnels near some factory. Right as we're about to go, there's an explosion and alarms start going off. Something's going on at the dorms, school, or both. We tell the rest of the harem to help them out while we go rescue Tsubomi. Hikaru doesn't like it, but it's an order. We promise to come back with Tsubomi. We find her and save her in the nick of time, beating up all three Evol people in literally a single combo.

As we try to run off, we get fireballed in the face by Kaiser, with Chaos and Law tagging along. They attacked Tsubomi to lure us out by ourselves. We're apparently the key to the Beast of the End or something, and as such, we're not destined to die just yet. We yell that we'll stop them, so Chaos shoots us in the face. Good work, Chaos. That also poisoned us, but we grunt through it and try to explode them. Law jumps in front to protect them. Our boom knocks off her mask.

Seeing it's Little Lesbian, we shockingly put two and two together and realize that they're all members of the student council. Law zaps the ceiling, causing a cave in to start, zaps us, and then leaves. Kaiser calls back that our friends are safe because they're waiting for their big plan to conclude. While we're unconscious, we have a dream about being a little kid and playing house with SOME MYSTERIOUS UNKNOWN GIRL WHO HAPPENS TO HAVE ENA'S TEXT COLOR. No clue who it could be. Oh, we eventually outright say it's Ena. So much for that mystery. Tsubomi wakes us up. We're okay now, even though she thinks the poison should've been much stronger. Hmm… We both fawn over each other, whether we're hurt, not to be so reckless, etc etc. Once we get back to business, our phones are dead, but we have the bright idea to have Tsubomi use her power to… make our cell phones work, I guess?

Elsewhere, everything's going according to the student council's plan. Some machine has been installed for whatever purpose. Aegis won't get here until their plan is complete. I'm not sure whether or not I should remember who/what that is. Ena's there too, and angry. She demands to know where we are. Tsukasa says that we're safe, but no clues because she's a lot smarter than she lets on and would figure it out. He also reveals that she's a telepath and he knows that she's the one who's betrayed Evolution and has been using her ability to leak information on their schemes, but they're confident they can't be stopped. She'll be tossed in a cell or something to keep her out of the way. Our Tsubomi cellphone plan works, sort of, and we can overhear Kanae through her phone. She's with a bunch of students being held by Evol at the dorm. They were ambushed, ran into traps, etc. Teachers are all also stuck because of Evol's MASTERFUL PLANNING. Mashiro pats her. Evol's basically got the whole island under their control and the harem's part of the hostage situation.


Tsukasa makes a broadcast, revealing himself as Kaiser and leader of Evolution. He gives the usual spiel. World's wrong. The miracle of Enigmatite isn't being used properly, etc etc. He declares a new world order ruled by the Unleashed, and the island's a new country under Evolution. Erika reminds us that this is super extra bad because the island was a neutral zone and also the only place to find Enigmatite, so we just became an ultimate super power or something. Back in our hole, we man up and declare we're gonna explode our way out of the hole. Tsubomi's worried we'll be buried alive, but after yet another rousing speech about being a man, she shrugs. We boom things again. Off screen, obviously. Rocks fall, everybody dies.

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  • Thea says:

    I can’t help but think Evol trapped the teachers in this manner:

    Anyhow, fun read, looking forward to the next!