Cavalry of the Failed Knight #06 — Inappropriate Touching

November 7th, 2015


Being a dick with no understanding of boundaries seems to run in the family.


Time to once again check off some boxes. Once they got done with another instance of "what's the weirdest music we can stick in from our unused files" the rest of the episode was spent introducing a new member of the harem, a clumsy, boy-shy tomboy swordsgirl for Kurogane to feel up in front of his girlfriend while she pants breathlessly until the edge of orgasm. I'm pretty sure you could've explained that without having your arm up her skirt to the elbow and your hands all over her ass.

As for what this has accomplished so far, pretty much the exact same thing as last week. Stella spends the first half feeling jealous and insecure, but then they hold hands and all is better again so we can get to the supposedly important part of this arc. Again though, we began this relationship with naked bath time and straddling each other to orgasms. That bell hasn't gotten any unrung. I'm actually curious what the police would've done had Random Ridiculous Woman Using an Umbrella Indoors let them be called. The punks make very poor antagonists for this arc regardless, and it's hard to understand why we're showing restraint and good manners to people who go around batting others upside the head in public, but the whole thing hinges on Japanese bushido honor anyway, so they're self-handicapping, and nothing says important better than half-assing things. Especially when it takes place in a Denny's. And of course, the student council is a mysterious, unhinged bunch of weirdos. If the protagonists aren't part of it, there's about a 90% chance they're antagonists.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:
    So… she pissed herself?

    And remember guys, it’s not cheating or anything unless your hands touch, not that it matters much anyway, these girls will never find anything better than MC so they just have to put up with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are all blazers ,except the protagonists, psychos? i thought the schools were supposed to fix that