Noragami #14 — Angst Train! Choo Choo!

October 9th, 2015


Cry more, you obnoxious brat.

Stay classy, IMS. Admittedly, it spends the first minute or so trying to pretend (poorly) like it's all manly action stuff… going right into wet dreams, about 18 straight minutes of talking heads, and then like it finally remembered what it's actually all about, stripping the characters down into drooling, brainless, dogs. Oh, and the sexiest thing in Japan, steam.


Well then, this has already dived head first right back into what it spent the entire first season doing. Angst Boy makes friends with some other kid, who's eaten by Angst Wolves, who are in turn chumming around with Angst Ghost, but Angst Boy was already wracked with Angst even before that. Meanwhile, Angst Woman is suffering her Angst Wounds because of Angst, and Angst Magic. All the while, the 'main' characters sit around and look bored. Way to take the bull by the horns, guys. Therein lies the biggest hugest problem of all. Angst itself isn't absolutely a bad thing, but when the characters simply sit around and wallow, that is. The hero's first reaction to adversity cannot be "sit in a room and cry about it," although in Yato's case, it's more like "not be an integral part of the show at all."

Which also means that if we're all aboard the angst train once again, the Aroduc passenger is jumping ship right now because this is a song and dance I know well and am not eager to suffer through it again. Unless both Garo and K somehow manage to out angst and out unaction… inaction… whatever this. I wouldn't put it past K, but hopefully Mappa will continue their trend of putting up something before it inevitably collapses into a hideous mess somewhere between 2 and 12 episodes from the end.

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  • The Phantom says:

    This show would be 1000 times better without that Yukine bag of angsty.