Noragami #13 — Oh No! It’s Standing There!

October 2nd, 2015


Still standing… Still standing… Listening to us talk… Still standing… Still standing…


How polite of the monster stuffed bunny to simply stand there groaning after being kicked and slashed while they explained everything that was going on and how the mirror was the true evil. In this three minute 'action' scene, it attacked literally twice. Once upon its entrance, striking the ground where nobody was, and once during a lull in the conversation about two minutes in. You're really outdoing yourself here, Bones. I guess they did somewhat better in the later 'action' scene with Bishamonten, who's apparently going to be the antagonist for the initial arc, but maybe that's because it had about the same amount of animation in about a sixty second scene instead of across three minutes. It was still more flourishing than actual action though, and already had a few quick budget-friendly stills. If they're cutting costs with the action in the very first episode, that already bodes ill for any hope that this will solve the first season's problems with prioritizing exposition and making constipated angst sounds over the action in a show about super powered demigods with transforming weaponry fighting and killing monsters and/or each other.

Well, at least they weren't obnoxious with reintroducing the characters or settings via excessive exposition or whathaveyou, but at the same time, the humor hasn't suddenly gotten funny, nor were they in any hurry to get to whatever's going to be driving this season or setting up any kind of crisis to get the audience to tune in next week. Of course, teenage angst was what 'drove' the previous season, and be drove, I mean into a wall for about 10 straight episodes. Bishamon was hanging around for most of that, pretending like she was going to have a part in events there too. It took the attitude of "business as usual," which is a pretty gutsy move for a series that just spent an entire season trying to use undirected teenage angst as content. It was basically a filler episode that advanced nothing and did the barest absolute minimum setup to maybe hint that they'll be getting around to whatever Bishamonten's deal is this season… in maybe a month or two after she spends a few more episodes taking baths. Which is the same thing that they did with her all of last season.

Next Episode:

Bishamonten mostly.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Maybe they are saving the budget! Eh? What about that?

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Meh, a decent start to a new season and not a bad opening for a sequel series, compared to the other trite that’s scheduled to come out later.

  • The Phantom says:

    That blonde dude is still there, god I hate that imbecile. This arc looks like a rehash of the same arc of last season, good show nonetheless I like the MC voice acting quite a bit.