Lupin III – The Italian Adventures #01 — More Like The Rebecca Adventures

October 1st, 2015


She's so unique and different from Fujiko by being blonde.

The Japanese broadcast was extremely delayed by rugby, and it's been many hours with nothing in sight. Maybe it's lost to the void until its next broadcast tomorrow. I want to get on with my day though. I did take a semester of Italian… nearly a decade ago. Besides, the Italian rap and clips montage OP of the first 3-4 episodes is easily the highlight and you know it. Edit: So of course it pops up shortly after posting this. Oh well. I spot checked, and while some things were repositioned or redone (different OP with a lot more Fujiko tits, hairy as hell Lupin, and zero Becky, ED, location of OP/ED in episode, no character overview at the start, CM eyecatches), there wasn't any major cleaning up or the like. Maybe some minor mouth stuff for the redub, but nothing huge.


Also, I already half-watched this about a month ago anyway, so watching slightly more and stretching my terrible Italian hasn't really changed my thoughts too much. I feel like I'm over Lupin, and they're phoning it in too. It certainly lacks A Woman Named Fujiko Mine's artistic style… and often an eye towards artistic quality in general with lazy eyes and bright red lipstick that goes drifting up people's faces. At least for the brief little Spiderman chase scene at the end, the animation covers it up a little bit. Not so much for the rest. Maybe they'll clean it up for the Japanese broadcast. Don't know. Kind of don't care.

The writers seem on board with half-assing it too since they just kind of half-assed the 'caper' this week. If you're looking for gadgets or cleverness, or even just a giant inflatable balloon of Lupin's ass, you get Fujiko (or as they say in Italian, Fujeeko) in a magic mask that somehow hides her double Ds palming a crown thanks to Zenigata going "Hey, Lupin's over there!" Oh, and then Becky Blonde Fujiko in a magic mask that somehow hides her double Ds too, because if something's worth doing, it's worth doing twice. Lupin's role here could've been filled by basically anybody else, Fujiko included, and lord knows her and Becky in bed together would've been a major improvement. That might also be why it didn't really feel much like a Lupin thing.

Next Episode:

I think that guy is permanently blushing.

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  • Sol says:

    Does he at least still do the air-swimming thing?

  • jingoi says:

    now Lupin has ODM gear….