K – Return of Kings #04 — Glare Increasing…

October 23rd, 2015


By the end of the episode, the supernova nearly engulfed them all.


The highlight of the episode was easily Kitty sitting in the background, twirling her underwear until she accidentally tossed it upside her rival for Shiro's dick's head. That was about how the tedious ten minute conversation in the middle began, and things were already fast on their way downhill even before they put that bullet in the episode's head. After about the first 90 seconds with the rest of the fight they passed over last week, you might as well stop because all the rest of the episode is once again talking heads, discussing some thing with some people that might happen some time with all the immediacy and importance of arguing over where to go for dinner a week from now.

We're four episodes in and hell if I could tell you what the driving force of this season is supposed to be. I guess the Internet Points faction with their bondage-themed leader sitting at home, but all they've really done involving the cast is the same thing that the cast does themselves when they're bored. It doesn't have the mystery of that murder of Whoever to even pretend to drive it. It's just a bunch of characters, mostly hanging around, talking about how maybe someone should do something or else and/or because of magic. At least this is making the light novel generica seem all the more compelling in comparison. Way to go, K. Way to go. And learn to draw slopes while you're at it. Good god.

I'm not really a fan of these Fridays either. Without any eyecandy to gawk at, both of these shows have been kind of miserable, and I'm not seeing any promising signs that they're going to be getting better any time soon. Thus we limp on towards considering Sunday's stuff again in a futile struggle to find some show across those days I feel like has anything worth talking about.

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  • algorithm says:

    You gotta love how the wallpaper had more animation than the talking heads.