Cavalry of the Failed Knight #03 — *gasp* A Homosexual Male!?

October 17th, 2015


Oh wait, it's just a transexual who's lazy about dressing up.

Given how woeful this show's second episode was, I hadn't quite totally ruled Asterisk out yet, but its third episode was a brief bit of T&A, followed by faffing around for the entire rest of the episode, with the only 'plot' development being that some random guys on the street took a potshot at the heroine, who then beat them up offscreen. In other words, the same thing as was a sidenote in episode 1, was a short scene in episode 2, and is now stills and offscreen in episode 3. I think the promos may have shown literally all the action that they animated for the entire run.


Better than last week, not that you'd know it from the vapid first half date or the scene where terrorists forced Stella to strip to her frilly unmentionables and get a look at her wax job since that underwear rides low enough to be showing vagina cleavage. Again, if you want to put characters in a relationship, that's fine. Great even. Spending the entire time in purgatory because characters are too dense or dickless to take action is obnoxious and frustrating. About all that the first half accomplished was introducing yet another in Japanese weird spectrum of 'hilarious' gimmicky transexuals. The gimmick is that this one just says she's female on the inside and otherwise acts like a relatively normal gay man. I guess simply having a normal gay man might be too shocking of a twist for their audiences fragile minds. His part in this episode is to move Ikki from the bathroom to the room next door using his magic darkness power. Lord knows how the story could've possibly proceeded without that.

Not that the second half was great either. I particularly 'enjoyed' the part where the terrorist magic monk took some time out to explain his powers for the benefit of the crowd and pan for the camera, then as already mentioned, made Stella strip. It also had some issues with the "a twelve year old would think this is awesome" thing that the LN adaptations in general have been struggling with, what with multiple people walking/diving through hails of gunfire since they're so cool and badass that bullets are nothing to them, especially the… jerky eyes thing? Whatever you want to call that spastic twitching. It looked hideous. Similar goes for the rival character introduced at the end. They've made him both a ridiculously sadistic jackass while also trying to make him the most popular and beloved boy in school. He's ridiculous, and the show isn't nearly flamboyant or childish enough for this kind of overblown antagonist.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I’m watching both of these shows out of boredom and was wondering where the blue haired girl with the bazooka went, took me some minutes to get these shows in order.

  • Germanguy says:

    Lucky this Boy is no Drag queen

    • Anonymous says:

      i never compared 2 shows but i have to say this one is better then Asterisk in terms of main heroine stella is more dere then tsun which is good in my book and she also not get on my nerve

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad they took out the scene where Alice calls mc out it is hilarious.