Cavalry of the Failed Knight #02 — And Now, Fanservice

October 10th, 2015


Well, this was a powerful nosedive from the first episode right into the concrete.


With the initial character introductions out of the way, apparently it was time to throw a entire goddamned grab bag of terrible harem cliches at the screen. The worst of which was probably the sister who immediately mounted him and shoved her tongue down his throat. Hyperactive news girl also rubbed her chest all over his arm while screaming like a hyperactive 4 year old as well. Stella herself also lost about half a dozen points by reacting to it all by screaming out her enslavement by him, and the stripping naked to wash him at the end (growing a couple cup sizes in the process) and rubbing herself all over him before losing her top and having an eye rolling orgasm over it. If you want to pull this crap, then just put them in a goddamned relationship. Oh wait. That might upset someone because their girl isn't preferred by the doormat of a protagonist and we can't ever have that. There's also the standard overly enthusiastic, busty middle aged teacher… but she has terminal anime disease! Such a wacky and hilarious twist on that cliche!

And then the flashbacks began. At least they're still focused on the characters instead of trivialities of the world. It'd just help if it A.) was presented more naturally instead of spat out expositional flashbacks from pretty much nowhere, and B.) wasn't crap. That second part is especially important. He tells a little sob story. She goes "Gee, I sympathize because that was a sob story." Everyone moves on. If the 'main' part of the episode was completely tacked on and has next to nothing to do with anything else that happened, then it's time to reevaluate why it's there. And while you're at it, if removing it means that the episode lacks any substance whatsoever, it's time to throw out the script and start from scratch.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    “Well, this was a powerful nosedive from the first episode right into the concrete”

    And you don’t even need jedi powers to predict that.

    It was already deep into the concrete to begin with though.

  • The Phantom says:

    WOW, And I thought that Asterisk had taken a big dive in quality? This makes Asterisk atrocious second episode looks godly instead, what a load of BS thrown together this POS became.

    They are out of budget already and the plot is horrendous beyond salvation, time to drop this and asterisk, they both sucked hard.

  • 50srefugee says:

    If Ikki cannot accept his role as master, asserting his authority in legitimate ways; if he allows Stella to set the rules; if he’s a contrition spaz every time she holds him responsible for her own actions and feelings, then the show is a loss. I don’t care about the fights, excuse me, “action”, or even the fan service, if the lead male is a potato-kun. All a waste.