Cavalry of a Failed Knight #05 — But… But… But… Feelings!

October 31st, 2015


No, I have the more feelings too as well also!


This show has a severe issue with handling its peanut gallery, and the problem seems to only get worse the less relevant a character is. We saw that already last week with the psychopathic crowd, but it came back in full force with the psychopathic pack of bullies, out to literally murder him, who upon being effortlessly humiliated, immediately revealed that they were in love with him all along. You're not nearly over the top enough to pull that off, and you seem completely unaware of how psychotic you're making everyone appear. You can't just slap on the standard bullying schtick and then say "It's a magic school with magic weapons, so of course it'll be bullying with axes and guns."

It was another trashy, terrible filler episode mostly, just like 2. At one point, the sidekick recommended Stella play a dating game, so she hugged herself, imagining it was her and Ikki. That should give you a good approximate benchmark for events. Stella waffles over how they're going out, but are they really really going out? Spoiler, yes, but since they continue to show it in no ways different from a billion other of its ilk, just make a lot more noise about how totally much they have feelings for each other, it's still not exactly a romance for the ages. Not to mention that it stretches so far past incredulity that a pair of horny teenagers rooming together have gone no further than chaste little pecks on the lips. Live a little, Japan. Besides, this relationship began with crawling on top of him, and fondling his chest until you yourself orgasmed like a goddamned unicorn vomiting rainbows. And after that (and still before they were 'dating'), she was stripping naked to rub her tits against him in the bath. It should be a wonder if she can walk straight most mornings after setting that as your baseline.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • elior1 says:

    now i wonder if it will go beyond kiss or not

  • algorithm says:

    I sure hope you’re getting some money in some way from watching and writing about this garbage.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I think you should watch the rest of this season whilst drunk. You might find them more entertaining.

  • Chipp says:

    You should have dropped this instead of Asterisk.

    • Aroduc says:

      I haven’t completely stopped paying attention to it like I have Sunday’s shows, although it’s mostly been in the “turn on and let run while I get dressed/brush teeth/etc” more than actually watching. That said, the last couple episodes have certainly been much better than the first 3, but the first 3 were still pretty bloody abysmal and it’s still firmly entrenched in the standard cliche. This is attempting to be a little more ambitious with its characters, which is always more interesting. It’s just written by… I don’t know, a Martian or something. Someone that has only heard of human behavior as a legend told by starchildren at any rate.

  • v1cious says:

    You dropped One Punch Man to blog THIS? Okay…