Aquarion Logos #18 — Twin Tailed Monster

October 29th, 2015


Oh right. Maia is basically an alien. I forgot about that for the past 3 months.


You know, this episode might've had a little more impact if it hadn't been so all over the place… and its rambling societal BS didn't remind me so much of Crowds. You'd think it'd be centered on that girl who was in the very start, but she was only around for maybe 3-4 minutes of the episode. And as for the monster of the week, that was around and on screen for even less. Plus, it was all leading up to shouting, while bathed in the holy light of God, the platitude of "You're not alone"… to a crowded room. Maybe it'd have a little more impact if this wasn't the seventh or eigth time I've heard something along those lines shouted this season alone. How about next season, we find a new tagline. I suggest "Brushing fights cavities!"

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  • Kaushal says:

    We need a lot more inthigss like this!

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