Aquarion Logos #17 — They’re Black Because They’re Full of Hate

October 22nd, 2015


Might want to ease up on that shading.

I have a work social event tomorrow afternoon instead of… work, so things may be either a little early or late depending. Probably late.


You know, Logos, you can continue trying to reinvent Subete all you want, but when you're putting him in the OP dressed like a bellboy who looks like he just farted in the elevator, and that's one of the few parts of the OP that isn't made out of clips of past episodes, you've got an uphill battle on your hands. Him futilely attempting to throttle the ghost girl (who I'm sure I should probably recognize from some other Aquarion thing) would at least be an attempt to show he's unhinged… if not for him morosely standing around for the entire rest of the episode. If you want him to be unhinged, then make him unhinged. Trying to have your cake and eat it too is just making a mess of a character who had very little going for him in the first place.

Speaking of messes being made of characters, the second half was more focused on Akira and about the 5th rehash of "he does something reckless but saves them all because feelings and/or yelling about being a savior save the day and kill the 'enemy'-monster in one punch." It would've probably worked better if he had been the only one of the group affected, or at the very least, most of them not turned into bloody hate-zombies due to magic space rock dust, but then Maia would've have gotten the feelings spotlight all to herself. I've also given up on his recklessness ever blowing up in his face. I will say that the music did work really well with Maia's feelings moment. Not that it was enough to salvage an emotional scene based on a character who has the depth of a petri dish fighting off the effects of handwavy asspull word antagonism-magic.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I think the blond girl is a variation of the gay guy from aquarion evol and maia is her clone

  • Anonymous says:

    most people only watch aquarion for double entendr,sex euphemism,over to top music and strange implications of sexual nature(the dog twist still makes me crack a smile).this incarnation has been lacking in all departments