Anti-Magic Academy #04 — I Murder Orphans and Torture Puppies

October 28th, 2015


Honeymoon's over.

After complaining to my host, they moved me to some different infrastructure and things seem much better for the last day or two. Let me know if you still notice any lagginess in loading the site through the tenka.seiha subdomain though.


I hope you're ready for talking heads, because that, we've got. In spades. And spades and spades and spades and spades. And it's so great how patient everyone is and how they just stand there and wait for them to finish their two to three minute soliloquys. We also run into a similar problem that Cavalry's latest villain had in being completely ridiculous. At least when this one ranted and cackled like a lunatic about the greatness of trodding on the underclass and using orphan corpses for magic, nobody cheered along, but for all the ranting and raving, which seriously ate up goddamned near a third of the episode, all we have is "he's crazier than a March hare." Every character doesn't need to be a multifaceted sob story (please god no), but when your motivations are comparing unfavorable to the Joker going on a murder spree because nobody would let him copyright fish, we need to step things up a little bit, and yes, that is an actual plot and not even from the era when Batman was shilling Hostess fruit pies. Alternatively, not spend goddamned near ten minutes focusing on the guy ranting.

What else is there even to say? New girl had her tragic backstory simply spat out while everyone pretty much just sat around and waited patiently, then thanks to not really much of anything, she found the strength to believe in herself/the power of friendship/Space Goat, and they won about 30 seconds after everyone decided they felt like trying after all. Was it interesting? No. Was it told in an interesting way? Nope. Was it relevant or push the plot forward in any way? Only in the sense that we can move off of her and this terrible little arc. At least Cavalry had the decency to animate the start and end of its fight. The budget here given the last couple episodes, is starting to run on fumes, quite literally through most of the purple neon CGI talking heads affair.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Oh goodness, I hadn’t thought about the laughing fish in ages. Am I supposed to thank you or curse you?

  • Sanjuro says:

    I liked some of the music.

  • kenuran says:

    Man i really hate all this ugly blocky CGI when the people their summon giant armor things. Like they actually 2D animate when the MC puts on his magic armor during his transformation sequence but after thats finished here comes an awkwardly animated CGI armor fight. Just yuck everywhere.

    With this show and anime season being about as dry as the last two seasons, i’m beginning to feel like you should add this seasons South Park to Wednesdays.

  • Paulo27 says:

    It’s a nice hobby, murdering orphans and torturing puppies.