Anti-Magic Academy #03 — Second Verse, Same as the First

October 21st, 2015


Aside from the drama, animation, and production in general at any rate.


Oof. There went the budget and there came the bad fanservice. Okay, not as heavy a sledgehammer blow to the sternum as Cavalry had between episodes 1 and 2, but still massively unpleasant, especially because the entire thing was basically just the newbie and the main heroine squabbling with the shocking murdery reveal saved for literally the closing seconds of the episode. Also, that it's a reveal only to a single character, not to the audience, and even then, she read it off a piece of paper. What an organic reveal. As for Lapis, the character that we introduced as a mobile magical suit of CGI armor and/or gunsword at the end of last week and who might need some integration or interaction with the team… Well, she sits around in the background the entire time, apparently eating her own body weight in food that comes served in quantities of buckets. Well, I guess simply punting on a character entirely and moving on may have been preferable to what we did get here.

And what we got, was a whole lot of noise going goddamned nowhere. It really doesn't help that the difference between them after twenty goddamned minutes is "one is slightly shorter, and is down a couple cup sizes." And what hilarious antics they get into, accidentally hitting the long-suffering main character, then forcing him to house him, then accidentally falling naked on him and slapping him in his own apartment. It's a good thing Mr. Doormat is a doormat and willing to put up with boobs in his face and, judging from the position, hands in the cootch. Weirdly, the magical girl who has laid claim to his humanity or essence or whatever was not part of these proceedings. Apparently she understands boundaries. Just what kind of trashy light novel even is this?

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I guess is impossible to run away from these cliches about naked women jumping at MC, it is like there is a cliche checklist that they must follow no matter what.

    I seriously hope that witch girl turns evil for real and permanently, that would be cool, but it is extremely unlikely.