Yuruyuri #26 — “I Saw My Kids Playing Some Video Games Yesterday”

September 21st, 2015


That seems like a things kids do and will recognize. Let’s put them in.


This episode did a tremendously fantastic job of highlighting how the writers and directors have completely stopped caring. “Let’s have them play Smash Brothers.” “Okay, we can use that to set up some parodies or jokes like webcomics have been doing for the last decade.” “What? No. I just want a reference to it. Kids would recognize it, right? Same with Animal Crossing. I heard about that too. Let’s put that in too.” Come on, guys. The Red one having connection problems and/or not ‘existing’ in the game world is such pathetically low hanging fruit, and all you reached for is “There are holes in Animal Crossing” before cutting to a goddamned montage of stills of them smiling while they ‘played.’ At least you could say the E. Honda reference was absurd, but in all its time spent on video games, I think that was the closest thing that came to a gag.

The other sleepover fared little better, with jokes like “she overfilled cups and now has to be extra careful,” “pudding is a food that exists,” and “I also put down a lot of holes and forgot where they all were.” The series seems to have pretty much completed its transition from comedy into completely empty space. Jokes are hard. Characters are hard. Montages of stills and elevator music are easy. SEND MONEY NOW PLEASE. 

Next Season:

Attempts to induce vomiting.

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