School-Live #11 — Remember That Time When…

September 21st, 2015


Oh hey, the budget ran out.

I’ve got six shows to catch up on (well, five plus an OVA I guess I should cover), so I’m going to do them in batches of two throughout the day with an hour or two break to run errands and do other post-vacation catchup in between.


As much as I wish the entire show had a similar tone to this episode, it’s a little late to reboot itself after spending all its time faffing about, and they still can’t unring the bell of how inept and harmless the zombies have been for the past 10 episodes either. Which doesn’t mean that this episode wasn’t similarly full of faffing. It just took the form of flashbacks instead of splashing around in a pool or fashion montages. The biggest problem is that the direction just kind of gave up on every front except music and fell to simply having characters literally announce their current ordeals instead of actually suffering through them. What could’ve been a couple half second flashs to a past event demonstrating the similarity and the traumatic memories associated with them instead because minutes upon minutes of just dragging on, listening to mostly the short haired explain to the Great Space Goat in her brain what was going on.

Perhaps most telling is Chesty’s ‘struggle’ this episode, which was just sitting over Bitey and having flashbacks for the entirety of the episode. At one point, she got up. Then later, she sat back down and started crying. That was it. That was the entirety of what she and Bitey contributed to the episode as the fallout from last week’s ‘exciting ending.’ Maybe about 30 seconds spent in the present on them. Why is Chesty even in this story? I can’t think of a single scene in the entire run where she was even slightly integral. No less dumb was Shorthair finding Teacher Zombie and outright making up some completely nonsensical rationalization which had to be explained at length, complete with further flashbacks… as it was attempting to eat her. Christ. How many times are we going to try to wring tears out of that stone, because even if I did care about her, this is at least the second or third time, and it’s only getting more bizarre with each repetition.

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  • The Phantom says:

    I still believe that this will end with big tits bitten by shovel girl, short hair bitten by either her ex girlfriend or the dog, and crazy girl will live in delusions from now on.