Charlotte #13 — MONTAGE!!!

September 26th, 2015


What better way to end a show than a twenty minute montage?

Season preview's done… except for the random sprites, which is apparently the only part people read. It should be up tomorrow. Probably. Thank god this season's over at any rate. Way to compete with Spring in terribleness, guys.


So this is how it ends. Not with a bang or a whimper, but with a twenty minute montage. Where he globe hops apparently around the world, revealing his powers to apparently every single person that gets within fifty feet of him and somehow continues merrily, yet still makes it back apparently before anybody has aged even a day. All so they can have a sappy little reunion, BECOMING HIS OLD SELF AGAIN, and "I'm home" bit. Good to know that one of my sarcastic guess last week about what they could possibly do with this episode was 100% on the money. A fitting and anticlimactic end for this mess.


Final Thoughts:

A mess of nonsense and rebootings. I originally liked that the protagonist had some kind of personality, abrasive as it was, but that was written out almost immediately. Then they introduced a number of random ridiculously excessive melodramatic elements, some forgotten as quickly as they were introduced (Nao's bullies), and some eventually reset by literally a goddamned magic plot reset button. It also jettisoned everything around a month from the end and tried to be an entirely new, entirely different kind of show. Granted, the power of the week stuff that it was for the first half wasn't particularly good either, but pretty much every single character from it simply exited stage right to make way for a new set who had to spend their entire time bringing everyone up to date and explaining both things that never needed to be explained. And they don't even do that well, as plot holes and plans that make no sense whatsoever hang over the show for its entire run, even despite a few very, very weak attempts to handwave a few of them away.

The humor's weak and the melodrama is so overwrought that most of the time it's a better joke than the actual jokes. The characters barely interact with each other except to give exposition, and when they do interact on a deeper level than that, it's always to an orchestra descending from on high and being transported to the drama dimension. It's excessively manipulative predicated on nothing; all smoke and mirrors with no substance behind it. Oh, and there was also the episode that existed solely to shill CDs.

Nothing promised by the first episode ever came to be. The personality was immediately stripped from the protagonist, it fell back to the same bland situations and cliches this writer loves to jam in all the time, and the further it went, the clearer it became that they never had any clear idea what they were doing with the story, setting, or characters. Summary paragraph complete. Aroduc away.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anon says:

    Is amusing how the Rewrite anime announcement basically overshadows the ending by being more memorable.

    • Paulo27 says:

      Yet that’s just going to be another show that sucks but the fans are going to be all “b-but the source is good, g-guys, trust me”.
      And if it doesn’t suck but doesn’t follow the story letter by letter then it’s just going to be “series ruined, source is superior, studip secondaries”.

      • Aroduc says:

        All visual novel adaptations always turn out excellently.

        Especially the ones by this staff.

        This boring, soulless, panty-shot obsessed, godawful staff.

        • Thea says:

          Hmm. I remember people getting pretty vocal about how bad the source is, too. “Uninspired” must be my best interpretation of their best evaluation. In other words, we’re screwed. Again.

        • Fuwaa says:

          Well, I liked the VN. I just think it wouldn’t make a good anime without substantial “Rewriting”. Heh.

          The reason the anime will likely suck is that the weak point of the story was lack of consistency. The common route doesn’t know whether it wants to be horror, mystery, or slice of life. The main heroine routes are generally good on their own, but there’s a sense of dissonance that rises with each scenario. Sort of like “but if he could do this here, why couldn’t he do it there?” “If she was like this, why did that happen?” “If that’s true, then shouldn’t that character…”

          I guess it could be good if they stick to one route and streamline the common part of the VN to only use the stuff that makes sense with that heroine’s route. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a VN adaptation do that, so expect the first episode to be fun, followed by a schizophrenic, nonsensical storyline that spirals downward with slice of life, horror, drama, shounen power-ups and monster-of-the-week fights, and of course lots of sad flashbacks in no particular order, ending with a deus ex machina that you should see coming if you remember the title.

          P.S. the good parts of the VN were: Yoshino, pretty much every meal scene, and the oppai ending – those three things would cause me to recommend it to just about anyone.

  • Paulo27 says:

    Yeah, that was beyond awful, I don’t even.
    I think this series could have worked, if it were 3 different series.
    It’s like the author had this idea of what he wanted to do but along the way started thinking “oh, but it’d cool if this happened too” but had no idea how to connect any of it so it ended up just being a bunch of incomplete ideas jumbled together.

  • dark says:

    T_____T wtf it is full of plot holes
    how could them live happily if the 1 eye reaper have a bounty on his head and his face is know in the whole world?
    yu don´t even remenber who is nao for christ sake!!
    and after of like 1 year without talk or nothing, now nao love him

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Oh well – don’t feel too bad. You suffered all the way through this one; I did the same with “Garbageman Clowns Insipid”.

    I’m starting to wonder if the entire anime year will be a write-off…

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe I just don’t get the stress on his brain but could not he have reduced the stress by using healing powers on himself?he found everything from universal translator to teleportation, yet nothing to help his mind?most of his obstacles are fixed with powers like “a power to know what a newly stolen power does”only thing missing was self-duplication so its clearly things don’t work out only for drama.

    • Paulo27 says:

      And in the end he could have at least healed his eye but I guess he looks cooler this way so he does have a point…
      And so much for “they are all incomplete powers or have some type of downside”, uh? I particularly like how there’s a power to know the type of power he stole, it’s like, why? Because the plot must progress! At the speed light!

      • Sanjuro says:

        Hell, he could even heal his eyesight after using the time-leap too much. But that would have made too much sense and he wouldn’t have been able to go edgelord again. Lord knows we all loved it when he did it the first time.