Charlotte #12 — “Remember These Characters?”

September 21st, 2015


We just did, so feel emotions about them!

I’ve discovered that the food that I assumed would be edible is… not, so need to go out and get some and then turn it into something approaching dinner. I’ll get to Rokka afterward, thus completing my catch-up and ready to post bad pornography again tomorrow.


Shouldn’t this have been working its way towards some kind of finale instead of sputtering out like a fart? The very idea that “just steal everyone’s powers, that way magic powers won’t be an issue anymore and everyone will live happily ever after” would be a pretty bad setup to the start of a story, and is a truly godawful way to try to set up an ending. I don’t even know what they’re going to do with the last episode. Flash forward to Boy-Jesus being a demigod? Montage of him fighting crime and/or power-eating people who have been using their powers for good? Also, there were like, twenty people with magic powers in his neighborhood alone. That they know of. One of the first powers he picks up better be along the lines of “instantly teleport to the closest person who has a magic power with no ramifications” in the next couple years before his testicles drop and the plot enforced adulthood time limit runs out. Or, you know, finds another rewind time power. I’m pretty sure that’d be a lot more useful than his actual quest. At the very least, not another version of “blows self up” because he’s already got that power and keeps accidentally using it to nearly kill himself.

As for the rest, what rest? He sat in bed and the rest of the side characters who have been plot irrelevant ever since the plot reset itself to be different stopped by to remind us that they once existed and to do a digest version of their bits before it tried to wring some emotion out of this emotionless husk. That includes Blondie. They did not connect in any way. There is no chemistry. There was no mutual struggle. They’re barely even more than acquaintances. Granted, it’s usually the female who gets overly clingy in these ‘romances’ over a single gesture that could normally be attributed to basic human empathy, but that makes it no less eye-rollingly awful. It’s hard to even call it that. “She let me get into knife fights and go on a many week-long self-destructive binge before feeding me terrible food and making up some cockamamie platitudes about it… it’s true love forever.”

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I guess next episode is a open ending, this is easily the worst plot twist I have seen in recent years, is like the author gave up on this, found everything boring, but instead of finishing and starting a new story, he decided to remix everything already done with some new just farted ideas and called it a day and we ended up with this abort.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I read “before his testicles pop” at first. That would be an interesting twist. One of his new powers cause his balls to pop, so when he does get back to Invisible Girl, he’s not really interested any more.

  • kenuran says:

    Oh man where to begin…

    I like how the first thing that happens when Yuu wakes up is that he gets yelled at for screwing up his brother’s horrible plan for him to stroll right into a trap all by himself thinking nothing would go wrong.

    Then theres this confession scene that just looks stupid due to Yuu and Nao’s interaction getting reset back to nothing cause of time loop crap. Its actually just Nao manipulating Yuu into going out and basically saving the world by using herself as the prize for doing so even though Yuu couldn’t actually Nao and almost killed them both.

    Now Yuu is supposed steal every power in the world even though he was too stupid and inept to use his telekinesis, time loop or body stealing powers against a little brown girl with a knife and a flashlight in her mouth; before AND after she cut him. But before Yuu does that, he first takes away all the powers of his own friends, who just got screwed over by some random group, and got the one guy who can detect where power users are killed, to be defenseless against anyone else who might try to kidnap them again.

    You have quite the talent for writing terrible anime Maeda.

  • dark says:

    they let go the torturer guys with only a memory reset <.<
    and still nothing about why the bully on nao early maybe maeda like hit her for no reason