Charlotte #11 — SPACE MAGIC ROCKS

September 12th, 2015


I love how it’s completely rebooted the main cast and setting in the last couple weeks.

I’m out of town next weeked, so episode 12 coverage will be pushed to Mondayish.


Is this something that we really needed to take an aside to make up a bunch of utter nonsense about? Who was clamoring for this explanation? And that was the best you could come up with? Space magic? And then, because we’ve decided to basically just reboot the show’s cast entirely and completely write out everyone who showed up in episodes 1-8, it’s time to focus on another tertiary character, but since that’s not angsty enough, let’s strip the main heroine naked and beat the hell out of her. Oh yeah, that ties it all together and makes it personal. Hey, remember those random bully girls who were beating her up for no reason? Let’s just say that they were part of the random Mafia that has wandered out of the writer’s room toilet to create what is apparently going to be the utter disaster that we’re calling a climax to this story.

And it still doesn’t matter because no matter how much handwaving they do about NEVER USE TIME LEAP POWERS EVER AGAIN, they still have a goddamned reset button sitting around, and have shown that they’re more than willing to pull as many reset buttons as they need out of their asses. I hope they go back to the lab and eat the goddamned space magic rock for its plot convenience powers. That’s about the only development here that I can get behind at this point. Aside from them all dying in a black hole summoned by the writing’s stupidity at any rate.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    The “truth drug” had me rollin’.

  • dark says:

    nao was raped…
    yuu this is time to pick these dango sticks again and let go you sadistic soul in these faggots
    but i´m sure that he can time leap again so nobody care about death

  • The Phantom says:

    I give up on this show, one of the most contrived and lame reboots I have ever seen. This somehow reminds me of Guilty Crown with its incoherent plot and ridiculous twists minus the visuals.

    I rather was laughing my ass off with Shimoneta episode 11, and the main villain having a shock gun dick and dick-slapping everyone, played for the laughs of curse but damn that was hilarious.

  • Anonymous says:

    at last the secrets of the space magic rock. well its unexpected, I will give it that.given nao’s brothers progress that was undone and the blind guys “I wish I had saved your brother” I expected the brother to off himself and set nao off, with MC time jumping to save him only to find out he has to pick between her brother or his sister, ending with a generic 3ed option where everyone is alive but don’t know each other, final shot being their meeting at a road crossing.