Braves of the Seven Flowers #11 — Let’s Recap, One More Time

September 12th, 2015


Please no.

Again, I’m out of town next weekend, so the ‘big’ finale won’t be covered until Mondayish.


Pretty much the exact same as last week, and all that really got accomplished was absolving Adlet, probably. Not that they did a half-decent job of that either, even not accounting for this needing to come about five episodes earlier or at the very least, not goddamned recapped itself every episode for the last two months. But hey, at this point, we’re no strangers to listening to characters recap the same goddamned episode and a half, so why not see if the sixth time is the charm? At least the rabbit got a boot to the face.

And the big cliffhanger into the finale is but who’s the extra one who we’ve all been assuming is trying to kill us? Maybe instead of recapping, we could take a closer look at the person who just lied in order to manipulate the rest of the group into killing someone. No? Okay, fine. Whether or not that’s true (and I doubt it, because the writing is that terrible), it’s something that, you know, I’m pretty sure is a perfectly valid reason to put your ass in the hot seat. And yet, it was summarily dismissed with little more than a “Oops, I ate the last pudding,”  before we went right back into the usual five plus minutes of recapping the situation, flashbacks, and clips show that are the anchor around this affair’s neck. Also, how the hell did Hans come out so squeaky clean after climbing into monster guts to drag out a corpse?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    This series reminds me of the old Mad Magazine take on the 1974 movie version of “Murder on the Orient Express”. In the Mad version, Poirot comes up with multiple bat-shit wrong solutions until at the end he finally comes up with the solution that everyone is guilty. But he immediately discards it and starts to drone on with yet another bat-shit proposal, at which point everyone is pissed off at him and they all jump in to kill Poirot just to shut him up…

  • The Phantom says:

    I was also like woa this girl manipulated everyone into killing one of them, and when she said she had lied lied everyone was accepted it so easy, like “you lied?, thats cool, why are you lying there almost dead adlet *pokes adlet*?”… Coherence please.

  • dark says:

    aldelt : the 7th is..:::::the seal have 7 petal in it OK the center count too you know

  • Steiner783 says:

    After all this is resolved, Adlet should kill all of this guys for being so annoying and untrustworthy to him