Yuruyuri #25 — And Now… Nothing

August 20th, 2015


Serves me right for hoping this might drive away the boredom better than Logos.

Two episode OVA broadcast airing this month and next prior to the next season in the fall.


What the hell? Where was the opening bit? That was one of the few times that they usually bothered to think up a new joke or sight gag. Instead, it just launches into the OP, and after that ordeal is finally over, a goddamned nearly minute and a half montage of random object and godawful CGI vans. So this is our priority, is it? Comedy? Screw that. Let’s look at this fire hydrant! And here’s a curb! Are we having fun yet!? Since you ask, no. Then they followed it with “Let’s throw water balloons.” “No, that’s kiddie.” “Okay, let’s play catch with water balloons, that’s much better.” And every throw had to be prefaced by an announcement of who they were throwing it to, waiting for them to acknowledge, and only then throwing it. I think the joke was supposed to be that they then had a water balloon fight anyway. Thus did they pass a third of the episode. A lesser show might have done something with a water balloon fight, tried to parody something with it, or overblown it or something, but clearly, the funniest joke possible is “they have a water balloon fight.”

The remaining two thirds of the episode wasn’t any better. After maybe perking up with word tell of a ghost which would no doubt be that red one who keeps disappearing from the show, they instead spent about eight minutes playing with a camera, and then eight minutes looking at pictures and reminiscing. And by playing with a camera, I just mean taking pictures of themselves. Not actually playing in any way. The show was pretty much always a few rungs under ‘good’, but I don’t remember it being nearly this bland. The only time it ever came alive is when it got actually wacky with its delusions or daydreams, and this was as devoid of any of that as it could possibly come. I remember it repeating its few character jokes to death, but this episode jettisoned on even that for the most part, leaving a great big gaping fat wad of nothing. Way to get people looking forward to a third season.


Next Episode:


Christmas, apparently.

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  • sage says:

    Who’s the redhead? New character?