Working!!! #31 — And What’s the Deal With Soy!?

August 1st, 2015


After a third of the episode’s joke being “he’s obsessed with having feelings,” that still didn’t pass for a joke.


It’s also unfortunately not at all indicative of the episode’s actual contents. Katanashi is terrible and boring. Inami is terrible and annoying. Trying to pretend like there’s some kind of relationship here, between any of the characters is insulting. A third episode in a row of this BS. How far off the days seem when Yamada was offering handcuffs or poking sticks as a way of making Inami tolerable, and Poplar was having dreams about being Popzilla. Now, they’re nothing more than blatant filler used to pad out the time between insecure halfwits moping about how they have feelings. Not even act on them. Just have them, and that’s enough to send everyone into moping fits. But anyway, this week’s filler duo comedy topic? Soybeans. That stuff’s totally bonkers am I right!?

Next Episode:

Supposedly about Yamada, probably full of lies, almost certainly more insipid drama.

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